Craig Rubadoux: The Hoffman Collection

This collection represents a body of work that speaks to the pain and passion both Rubadoux and Hoffman seek to express. The collection encompasses a wide variety of Rubadoux's work, dating from his early works in the late '60s through more recent forays into sculpture and glasswork; all exhibit Rubadoux's masterful use of line.

More than just an homage to the work of Craig Rubadoux, this unique book presents a rare glimpse into the collection of Jonathan Hoffman. Over 160 works of art that would not otherwise be available to the public are presented here in stunning full-color photography. Insights into the mind of the artist, the mind of the collector, and the fascinating relationship that ties them both together make this book a must-have for fans of Rubadoux’s work. Individually, each piece in Hoffman's collection is powerful, but together, the collection becomes something more: a glimpse into Hoffman's soul.

Art collector Jonathan Hoffman has had the rare privilege over the last twenty-five years of putting together a highly personal collection by the American artist Craig Rubadoux. He is honored to be able to publish this book, The Hoffman Collection, presenting over 160 paintings by his favorite artist and dearest friend.